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The Company

Camper and Nicholsons Yachts srl is synonymous with the world of yachting.  Since yacht and boat building commenced at Camper and Nicholsons back in 1782, some of the finest and most famous yachts in the world have been built by the company.  Several of these yachts have earned immortality in the history books for their illustrious racing careers, particularly the magnificent ‘J’ Class racers of the 1920s and ‘30s.  Both “Shamrock IV” and “Shamrock V” were designed by Charles Nicholson and built for Sir Thomas Lipton to challenge for the America’s Cup.  “Endeavour” and “Velsheda” were also Camper and Nicholsons yachts, the first built for one of Britain’s most celebrated yachtsmen, Sir Thomas Sopwith, who’s aircraft company was largely responsible for building Britain’s First World War air force, and the second for Woolworth Chairman William F Stephenson.  Camper and Nicholsons also produced one of the largest motor yachts ever built in Britain, the 1629 ton “Philante”, subsequently converted and renamed “Norge” for her new role as the Norwegian Royal Yacht.


However, yachting and yachts have changed enormously since 1782 and as we move into the 21st century Camper and Nicholsons are also moving with the times.  A revolution has taken place in the use of materials and construction methods which has transformed the performance and character of today’s yachts, enabling designs and innovations to be used that would not have been possible in years gone by.  Camper and Nicholsons’ new composite construction and repair facility brings the company to the forefront of high technology boat building, repair and race boat preparation.


After a period in the wilderness during the 1990s Camper & Nicholsons was acquired by Nautor Group, owned by Leonardo Ferragamo in 2001.  Re-launching Camper & Nicholsons Yachting Ltd into the power boat market was a key element of the new management’s strategy and so work was begun to locate design partners to help develop a new power boat worthy of the Camper & Nicholsons name – the result is the powerboat Endeavour 42.

Today, the new range of Camper & Nicholsons models includes the Endeavour 42,  Velsheda 50, Shamrock and the new  bigger powerboat Gelyce 80.

The yachts built by Camper and Nicholsons today combine the two extremes of technology.  The hull and superstructure may be constructed from high tech composite materials, with state of the art rigging/sail management, electrical and mechanical systems, whilst the accommodation is finished in the highest quality hand built joinery for which Camper and Nicholsons is World famous.  In addition to traditional all wood joinery the company can provide the latest in honey comb core, veneered joinery for use where weight saving and performance are critical.


Camper and Nicholsons Yachts srl,  mission statement is to combine its fine traditional boatbuilding heritage with the very latest technological innovations and a highly skilled professional workforce to provide unparalleled service and quality for it’s past, present and future customers.

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