Yard No 388 MARALA ex EVADNE

This yacht was designed by C.E.Nicholson for Mr M.S. Napier and built in our Southampton yard in 1931 but before launching 19-2-31 she was sold to Mr C.R. Fairey .Trials were carried out 11-6-31.

We had previously built the 12 Metre FLICA in 1929 and then the 12Metre EVAINE in 1937 for Mr Fairey.In 1934 Mr Fairey bought the J Class SHAMROCK V from T.O.M. Sopwith and sold her to Italy in 1946.

In early 1936 EVADNE averaged 15 ¾ knots from Gosport to Cannes and in the following winter had a refit in Gosport where the enclosed bridge was fitted and she was rigged with one mast.

In 1939 EVADNE she was taken over by the Admiralty and after conversion and fitting of armament was employed on convoy duty in the Irish Sea based in Liverpool. She also crossed to Bermuda on convoy duty and was employed there as a training ship before crossing again to Gibraltar & convoy duty in the Bay of Biscay.Full details of her pre war & war service are described by Captain H.N.Taylor who joined her as Mate in 1931 and was her Captain throughout the war, in his book ’A Captains Tale’.

Marala was sold in Piraeus, Greece and moved to Malta for two years then to England. She is currently undergoing an extensive refit.


Known Owners

1931.EVADNE C.R.Fairey
1939 H.M.S. EVADNE British Admiralty
1948 EVADNE Sir Richard Fairey
1951 ZAPALA Zapala Ltd Southampton
1952 GAVIOTA IV Arturo Lopez Willshaw Valparaiso
1964 GAVIOTA IV Codras S.A.SouthamptonPanama
1965 MARALA Sardoc S.A.Panama
1989 MARALA Sardoc S.A.Panama
1964 – 2015 Robert de Balkany (Died 22-9-15)
2017 – 2017 Soldin Hong Kong



Length Overall 193.0’
LengthL.B.P. 183.7’
Length Waterline 180.0’
Beam 26.5’
Draught 11.5’
Tonnage 581 T.M.
Machinery Two 8 Cyl. M.A.N. Diesels 290 N.H.P. each.
Official Number 161735

On June 2020 The marvelous motoryacht awaits the final stagesof her planned thorough restoration