Yard No 897 STILVI

This yacht was designed and built by Camper & Nicholsons in their Southampton yard and launched in 1964. The owner was Mr Z.Cambanis for whom we had previously designed and built Yard No 812 STILVI a 48 ton auxiliary ketch in 1956 and later Yard No 1176 STILVI III a 260 ton twin screw motor yacht in 1974.

STILVI is a twin screw steel motor yacht with two 230 B.H.P. Gardner 8L3B diesels and isa sister ship to Yard No 879 MIDNIGHT SUN, launched in1963 and Yard No 860 MINONA launched in 1961. She was built to comply with Lloyd’s + 100 A1 + LMC requirements. Class was withdrawn in November 1981.


Length Overall 102’-5”
Length Waterline 95’-0”
Beam 17’-6”
Draught 7’-2”
Thames Tonnage 125 tons.



1964 – 1973 STILVI Z.Cambanis (Dolphin Marine Corporation)
1974 – 1975 BEARCAT Sir Malin Sorsbie C.B.E. Jersey
1975 – 1976 BEARCAT Rento Rosso
1976 – 1982 ROSSANA Saratoga Financial Corp. S.A.
1986 – 1988 ELEFTHERA Saenz Corporation, London


In the spring 2020 we have been informed by the actual owner that Stilvi will receive a deserved thorough restoration.